“Horror is one of those areas of fiction where it can be very difficult for the author to suspend disbelief. Hannah Kollef succeeds masterfully.”

—Hudson Reader, Amazon.com

From the Book Description:

Mary Margaret is not having a good year. The trouble begins on her fifteenth birthday, when she is attacked by a demon made of shadows. Soon after, she becomes plagued by prophetic dreams. Her grandmother suffers a devastating heart attack. And, as if all that isn’t enough to worry about, something evil is stirring in her basement, waiting for the opportunity to strike.

To combat these evil forces, Mary Margaret’s cousin, Andy, contacts Emmeline, a powerful psychic from the South. Together the trio fends off a violent, shadow-infected attackers and attempts to cast the darkness out of Mary’s house. Just when they seem to be winning, Mary’s boyfriend stumbles into this mess, and things become really complicated.

Written in the tradition of the Southern Gothic with a modern paranormal twist, To Wake the Shadows is part horror novel, part family drama, and part coming of age story. Not recommended to be read alone, late at night, when you can hear the floorboards creaking…


What Readers Are Saying:

“This is a very gripping, fast paced novel!” -InD’Tale Magazine, Spring 2012

“I can still feel the goose bumps/chills I got when I was reading it. The story grabs you from the very beginning; it had me glued and hooked.” -Elsa, Goodreads.com

“I’m not ashamed to say that by the fifth page, if not earlier, I found myself hunched over my computer, heart in my throat, totally and completely absorbed in the story, seeing the events through the eyes of Emily, feeling her pain and fear and dread, anxiety on her behalf squirming its way out into the open and becoming outright fear. Absolutely love this book!” -Archie Standwood,  Archie Standwood’s Reviews and Writings

“‘Are you afraid of the dark? ‘(I am now)” -Ruty,  Books Are My Way of Living

“To all supernatural reading fans do not hesitate: ‘Read this Book.’” -Naynay, Goodreads.com

“The supernatural aspects of the story were wonderfully creepy, and very real. While evil does influence those around it, the actions themselves are of the individuals, things that happen everyday already – the mother who kills her child, the successful man who hurts his family.” -Melanie, Goodreads.com

“This book scared me, although to be fair I’m a scared-y cat.” – Diane R.


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