Published Short Stories

...and where to find them

One Cold Night in Prague 

-- As found in Random Acts of Kindness, a gay romance anthology from Dreamspinner Press

John-Jacob Jingleheimer left Iraq with a limp and a head full of bad memories. Virginia, filled with pity and smothering comfort, was almost as bad. Deciding to banish the desert heat with snow and a new career, he heads for beautiful Prague to start a quiet, solitary life as an English teacher. But when his wallet is stolen, a charming Czech man with legs to infinity and a sly smile reminds him that sometimes, heat is a very good thing.


Time Slip 

-- As found on Fantastic

Time Slip takes place in an earth similar to our own, but afflicted with unpredictable time storms that have a nasty habit of depositing younger and older selves in the wrong decades (and awkward situations).

Originally published: Juniper, 2013 

Secondary Publishing: Fantastic Stories, September 2014.