"Kollef entwines folklore with her own original ideas seamlessly, making it hard to tell when one ends and the other begins." - A Backwards Story

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From the book:

"Growing up in New York City, I thought I’d been exposed to the stranger parts of life.

But then a night-club singer warned me that my father was going to disappear—and the next day he did, leaving my apartment trashed and full of poisonous dog-demons that nobody but my brother & I could see.

That’s not even the weird part.

What’s weird is the boy from my French class who first tried to drown me, and then saved my life. What’s weird is the Rose Queen, a real-life fairy queen with the hots for my dad and who wants to destroy the world. What’s extra-oh-my-god-seriously? weird are the dozens of fairy tale characters who are A) real and B) not as innocent as I remember.

Now I’m being chased by demons and wicked princes and racing to meet a deadline set a thousand years ago. 

Welcome to my life. My name is Kat Finnegan, I’m 17, and this is the part where the chaos begins. "

Copyright © Hannah Kollef 2012