Allison Donato

Allison Donato


"Path of Needles" is an original song written exclusively for the Paths series by singer-songwriter Julie Slonecki. Enjoy! If you really like it (which we're sure you will), you can buy the song from All proceeds go to Julie, who, like most independent musicians, is poor and lives in a cardboard box.

...ok, the box is an exaggeration, but you get the idea. 


Below is a playlist that loosely follows the chapters in the novel, along with a mock album cover. You can listen to the playlist on Spotify, and if you click on the songs, they will take you to where you can purchase the mp3s (and, since the author is an associate, she'll earn a whopping total of 4% on every song you buy. That's, what, .01 cents?). Happy listening. 

Click here to check out the playlist on Spotify: Path of Needles


About the Singer: 

Julie Slonecki is an independent singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist currently based in Charleston, SC. Slonecki combines genres to produce music that has both wisdom and immediacy. Her three self-produced albums are an indie picnic of folk, rock, soul, and electronica with a poetry entirely her own.

She may or may not have gone to college with the author, who may or may not be found in the background vocals on one of her albums. You can learn more about Julie at, or on her facebook page

Note: The author does not own rights to these songs. If you like any of the music on the playlist, please consider buying the song and supporting the recording artist. 

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