The Author:

Hannah Kollef was born on the anniversary of Genghis Khan's death. She believes this is responsible for her poor table manners and love of pillaging.

Hannah earned her BA in Japanese and Political Science at Washington and Lee University in 2011. Upon graduating, she decided to pursue writing and published her first novel, To Wake the Shadows. She has since published several novels, including The Danger in Bohemia, her first with Dreamspinner Press.

In addition to her novels, Hannah's short stories have been published by Dreamspinner Press (Random Acts of Kindness, February 2015) and She has worked as a library assistant in New Jersey and for The Guardian in London, and in the fall of 2016 she graduated with Distinction from City University London, attaining her MSc in Library Science. Most recently she volunteered with the Scottish Waterways Trust to complete a research project proving the efficacy of the Trust's work on improving mental, physical and social wellness for participants in the Nature Walks for Wellbeing programme. Follow her on Twitter @HEKollef. 


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