Welcome to my author website. 

I've recently made some changes to the website. With news of a new publication--see "Latest News" below-- I've decided to split my work into two genres: Romance and Young Adult. As such, you'll now find all my YA and short story work under Hannah Kollef, and my new Romance work under H. E. Kollef. 

With this announcement comes good and bad tidings. First the good news: I've a new novel being released in March 2016 from Dreamspinner Press, which marks my first paid published work! The Danger in Bohemia is a gay romantic-thriller set in Prague, my favorite city. I think my readers will like it. It's fast paced, romantic, and dare I say a little sexy? You can find out more on my Romance webpage. 

With this exciting news, however, comes some bad news. At the moment, the third and final Paths novel is on hiatus. I'm still working on it--it will be published in the next few years--but I can't give a final date now. I've had to make some tough decisions, and follow new opportunities as they surprised me. In the meanwhile, I hope my existing fans will enjoy The Danger in Bohemia as they wait for the conclusion of Paths.

If you head over to The Paths Series page you can get all kinds of goodies- from deleted scenes to music playlists to information about the fairytales that inspired the whole series. You can also check out my other books. Juniper is a good choice if you like poetry or slightly-spooky stories. Or try To Wake the Shadows, my first effort, a ghost story with a twist. 

If short stories are your thing, head to the short stories page to see a list of my publications. Poetry rev your engine? I've got a page for that, too.  

For now, I hope you're all curled up, warm and happy in front of a fire somewhere. It's wet and chilly out there.

All my love,




Latest News

March 23, 2016

So let me start off by saying: NEVER plan to be traveling on the day your book gets launched! Big mistake. 

That out of the way...


The Danger in Bohemia has been published! 

Dreamspinner Press ebook | Dreamspinner Press paperback | Amazon | B&N | Kobo | ARe



I can't believe it's here already. It has been a really crazy year--moving yet AGAIN from South Korea to the UK, starting an intense Master's program, and seeing my first officially published novel! I've been running for so long that this has really smacked me in the face. If that makes sense. 

Thank you to everyone at Dreamspinner Press who has been supportive of me, and to my friends and family who made this possible. I can't say how much I appreciate everything you've all done for me.  

I've had a few advanced reviews already. Here's a small sampling!

"At a GlanceVery well written, with a good pace, some surprises, and is a definite page turner."  -http://www.thenovelapproachreviews.com/review-the-danger-in-bohemia-by-h-e-kollef/
"...the story has good bones, an interesting premise with likable characters, and a suitable bad guy. I'll look forward to checking out something else from the author." -https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29247246-the-danger-in-bohemia

March 20, 2016

Special announcement: New Twitter @HEKollef

So after a lot of thinking (and consulting with some trusted friends and mentors) I've decided to split my professional and romance-writing selves into two twitter accounts. My main account, @braveworldgirl, will be kept for Library Things simply because I've already made so many connections there while doing this master's program. I've started a new twitter, @HEKollef, for all my writing (primarily romance writing at the moment).

And yes, I do wish I'd made this decision before sending out my first two blog tour posts for this book. Ah well. Many an email to write, a website to update. LIFE IS SO HARD. OH WAIT NO I GOT PUBLISHED YUSSSSSSSS

These are the labors born of love! 

Anyways. Very dramatic for a not so dramatic thing. Follow me @HEKollef y'all! (and @braveworldgirl if you also like to hear about LIS topics). 

Best, and only 3 days to go!!?!? 

-H. E. Kollef

March 16, 2016

Hey guys! Check out the guest post I wrote for MM Good Book Reviews here:


I talk about the inspiration behind the novel, and I've a question for y'all to answer! 


February 27, 2016

More news! The Danger in Bohemia is now available for Pre-Order from the Dreamspinner Press website.  Like gay romance? Like Prague, thrillers, explosions, or any combination of those three? Check out the Ebook here and the Paperback here.

I'm so excited, guys! I can't wait to get some feedback for my first 'Official' Publication. 

I'm so lucky. Thank you everyone who has stood with me thus far.


January 18, 2016

Big news today, folks! Why do I instinctively use the word 'folks'? That's weird, right? Makes me sound like a rancher who's also running for city council. I don't know a better alternative though so I'll just...eh. 

Folks! You might see a change in my website. That's because I'm branching out a bit--into Romance! From now on, while my Young Adult fiction will still be written under Hannah Kollef, I'll be entering the world of Romance under H. E. Kollef. Hope that helps you keep my genres separate. 

And on the heels of that announcement, I'm pleased to present my new novel-- a gay Romantic Thriller from Dreamspinner Press: The Danger in Bohemia. The Danger will be published on March 23, 2016, so keep your eye out here for  announcements and giveaways as we get closer to publication. 

March 01, 2015

Check out my latest short story, One Cold Night in Prague, along with 13 other gay romance stories centered on the theme of kindness. Available today as part of Dreamspinner Press' Random Acts of Kindness anthology.